How to disable Adobe Flash Player update notification

Well, lets not talk about the history/legacy of Flash/HTML5 etc here. Flash has its place but its really annoying when the Adobe Flash Player updater pops in when you are working on something important and distracts you.

And even worse, you are presented with only option to Remind Me Later or Download. And if you select Remind Later option, the annoying popup returns after 60mins again.

So how do I get rid of this popup?

Two options:

Either let adobe install the flash player updates automatically or disable the updates forever.

Disabling/Auto Install updates

To customise your settings for disabling updates or to enable auto installs on a Mac

Goto: System Preferences -> Flash Player -> Updates

You now have option to either:

  1. Allow Adobe to install updates(auto install updates)
  2. Notify me to install updates(the annoying per 60min reminder when update is available)
  3. Never check for updates(I don't care with it)

Select the one which is convenient for you.!

Hope this helps someone.!

Thanks for reading.